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Master SystemDicas

Esta se��o est� em desenvolvimento. Por enquanto vou deixar apenas alguns c�digos de PRO Action Replay.  Aperte F3 para acessar o menu do Pro Action Replay no Massage.

Fonte: Site do BrSMS

N�o tive tempo para traduzir esta p�gina ainda. Mas acho que todo mundo deve saber o que s�o "Infinite Lives", etc. Portanto acho que n�o vou me preocupar com isso :)

After Burner

     00c01801 Infinite lives

Alex Kidd The Lost Stars

     00cD1D02 Infinite energy ( switch off effects at end of level to get bonus )
     00cD0114 Start with and keep cloud shot

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

     00c02503 Infinite lives

Alien 3

     00c42763 Unlimited Machine Gun
     00c42B63 Unlimited Bazooka Gun
     00c42963 Unlimited Flame Thrower
     00c42D63 Unlimited Grenades
     00c42F63 Unlimited other option
     00c46A63 Unlimited energy
     00c4783B Infinite timer

Alien Storm

     00c11310 Infinite energy (lifemeter)

Alien Syndrome

     00c05402 Unlimited lives
     00c07B06 Unlimited time
     00c07501 Need one hostage to open exit
     00c8ED01 Keep flame weapon

Altered Beast

     00c08F02 Infinite lives
     00c08D03 Start on Level 4
     00c0900c Infinite Energy

Assault City

     00c0D90A Infinite energy ( switch off at the end of the level)


     00c09D03 Infinite lives
     00c09A03 Invincibility

Astro Warrior

     00c23F03 Infinite lives

Aztec Adventure

     00c14463 Infinite lives
     00c14740 Infinite energy
     00c14c05 Infinite money
     00c15002 Infinite special items

Back to the Future II

     00c36B05 Infinite energy
     00c36304 Infinite lives

Bank Panic

     00c01F03 Infinite lives

Bart vs The Space Mutants

     00c01003 Infinite lives
     00c3AF09 Infinite time
     00c3E9BE Infinite paint

Bubble Bobble

     00cEB703 Infinite lives
     00DB000X Replace X with a number for level select ( switch Action Replay off at the end of
     the level )

Chase HQ

     00c28203 Infinite Turbo's
     00c23836 Infinite time
     Level Select:
     00c2210X Replace X with a number (0-2) to change the round
     00c2200X Replace X with a number (0-4) to change the stage
     00c25380 Full damage to villians car (hit him once when you catch him and he dies)


     00c29B03 Infinite lives
     00c291XX Replace the xx with the number of hostages you want already saved. You need 40
     to proceed to the next level, so if you put 40 in place of the xx you automatically proceed to
     the next level without having to do anything. If you put 39 in the place of xx you need to bring
     only 1 hostage back to the base to proceed.

Cloud Master

     00c4c903 Infinite lives

Cyber Shinobi

     00c00E05 Infinite lives
     00c11c23 Infinite energy
     00c01405 Infinite time

Dick Tracy

     00cE6703 Infinite lives
     00c1ED06 Infinite energy

Double Dragon

     00cB2B03 Infinite lives

Dragon Crystal

     00c62160 Infinite hit points

Fantasy Zone 2

     00cDA302 Infinite lives


     00c9A504 Infinite sand timer
     00c9F20F Infinite paint
     00c9A203 Infinite lives

Galaxy Force

     00c07F10 Infinite energy


     00c83F96 Use with code below
     00c80F96 Gives infinite health for 1 or 2 players using any character. (Action Replay should
     be switched off between levels, switched off when entering exit and on when resuming play).
     When used with above code.
     00c80E01 Infinite potion

Ghost House

     00c1BA02 Infinite lives
     00c1F5c0 Infinite energy

Ghouls & Ghosts

     00c03302 Infinite lives
     00c04c02 Invincibility
     00c04B40 Fire and thunder. Magic stays full.

Global Defense

     00c06c02 Infinite lives

Global Gladiators

     00D0E905 Infinite lives
     00D0BA3F Infinite energy


     00cB2c38 Infinite time
     00cc0E28 Infinite missiles
     00cc0D07 Infinite armour

Golden Axe

     00c00503 Infinite lives
     00c1871F Infinite energy
     00c0060X This parameter gives unlimited Magic. e.g. enter 00c00601 for unlimited Magic 1,
     00c00602 for unlimited Magic 2 etc.

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade

     00c98706 Infinite lives
     00c97305 Infinite whips
     00cBB907 Infinite time


     00c09002 Infinite lives
     00c11114 Infinite energy

Kung Fu Kid

     00c08103 Infinite lives
     00c45928 Infinite energy
     00c4Bc95 Infinite time


     00DB5c64 100% completion every time

Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck
  00C06903 Infinite lives  

Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting (Trap Shooting)

     00C1 E703 Infinite Bullets instead of 3

Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion

     00c0BD03 Infinite energy
     00c0c803 Infinite lives
     00Dc0005 Infinite time

Mickey Mouse Land of Illusion

     00c09902 Infinite energy
     00c09F03 Infinite tries
     00c0A295 Infinite time
     00c0AD07 Infinite air

Miracle Warriors

     00c50A10 Infinite energy

Montezuma's Revenge

     00C00706 Infinite lives
     00C00506 Start on level 7
     00C00507 Start on level 8
     00C00508 Start on level 9
     00C00509 Start on level 10
     00C0050A Start on level 11 Last Level

New Zealand Story

     00DDEc03 Infinite lives
     00DE1504 Invisible

Operation Wolf

     00c11620 Infinite Ammo


     00DE0172 Unlimited time. (Only activate Action Replay when race has started and then turn
     off when finished).


     00c04003 Infinite lives


     00D50E03 Infinite lives
     00D50F0A Infinite papers

Penguin Land

     00c11903 Infinite lives
     00c11D5F Infinite time

Power Strike

     00c81203 Infinite lives

Prince of Persia

     00c29208 Infinite life

Psycho Fox

     00c01603 Infinite lives


     00c01603 Infinite lives

Rambo First Blood Part 2

     00c11F03 Infinite lives
     00c12105 Infinite arrows

Rambo III

     00C2 03FF Infinite Lives
     00C0 4980 Infinite Bullets
     00C0 3D06 Start on Level 7 Last level


     00c0A103 Infinite lives for player 2
     00c0A003 Infinite lives for player 1
     00c09660 Infinite energy for player 1
     00c09760 Infinite energy for player 2


     00c0Ac3E Gives 62 hits on qualifier
     00c1c32F Infinite energy
     00c05F0E Takes you straight to round 15


     00cE0103 Infinite lives


     00c82602 Unlimited lives

Sega Arcade Smash Hits

     00c02104 Infinite lives for Breakout
     00c02104 Infinite lives for Centipede

Shadow Dancer

     00c05903 Infinite lives
     00c05A03 Unlimited special attacks


     00c11200 Infinite time


     00c07A02 Infinite lives
     00c06c06 Infinite energy

Sonic The Hedgehog

     00D23EXX Level select. Replace XX with the following for an appropriate level. Switch
     Action Replay on before the start of the game and then off when the required level is started.
     XX Zone Act
     00 Green Hill 1
     01 Green Hill 2
     02 Green Hill 3
     03 Bridge 1
     04 Bridge 2
     05 Bridge 3
     06 Jungle 1
     07 Jungle 2
     08 Jungle 3
     09 Labyrinth 1
     0A Labyrinth 2
     0B Labyrinth 3
     0c Scrap Brain 1
     0D Scrap Brain 2
     0E Scrap Brain 3
     0F Sky Base 1
     10 Sky Base 2
     11 Sky Base 3
     12 End Game
     00D2AAXX keeps XX rings. Try 00D2AA99.
     00D24603 Unlimited lives while Action Replay is enabled.
     00D41105 Switch Action Replay on for Turbo Sonic, turn off to resume to normal.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

     00D29803 Infinite lives
     00D29905 Invincibility (always keeps 6 rings). Turn Action Replay off at the end of the Act
     but back on at the start of the next one.
     Level select:
     00D2950X Zone. Activate the enable switch after the first two title screens but before the
     level starts. After the level starts disable the Action Replay.
     00D2960Y Act. Activate the enable switch after the first two title screens but before the level
     starts. After the level starts disable the Action Replay.
     X Zone Y Act
     0 Underground 0 1
     0 Underground 1 2
     0 Underground 2 3
     1 Sky High 0 1
     1 Sky High 1 2
     1 Sky High 2 3
     2 Aqua Lake 0 1
     2 Aqua Lake 1 2
     2 Aqua Lake 2 3
     3 Greenhills 0 1
     3 Greenhills 1 2
     3 Greenhills 2 3
     4 Gimmick Mtn. 0 1
     4 Gimmick Mtn. 1 2
     4 Gimmick Mtn. 2 3
     5 Scramb. Egg 0 1
     5 Scramb. Egg 1 2
     5 Scramb. Egg 2 3
     6 Crystal Egg 0 1
     6 Crystal Egg 1 2
     6 Crystal Egg 2 3
     00D2B9FF Score 999000 for every act and unlimited timer.

Space Harrier

     00c12302 Infinite lives

Speedball 2

     00DA0B14 Unlimited money


     00c02520 Infinite strength

Star Wars

     00DA6F02 Infinite lives
     00DA6510 Infinite energy

Streets of Rage

     00c01302 Infinite lives


     00D48503 Infinite lives
     00D26507 Infinite timer
     00D48704 Invincibility

Super Monaco GP

     00c36201 Come in first every time

Super Smash TV

     00c51007 Infinite lives

Super Space Invaders

     00c2EE03 Infinite lives
     00c2F003 Infinite energy


     00c10005 Unlimited lives

Teddy Boy (cartridge version)

     00c01B03 Infinite lives


     00cc163c Infinite energy


     00c00A03 Infinite lives

Time Soldiers

     00c01302 Infinite lives

Tom & Jerry

     00c43908 Infinite energy


     00c01403 Infinite lives
     00c2514F Infinite energy
     00c29154 Infinite time


     00c05509 Infinite energy
     00c05602 Start on scene 2
     00c05607 Start on scene 7 (Last level)


     00c10002 Infinite lives
     00c10107 Infinite energy

Wonder Boy

     00c12002 Infinite lives
     00cc360c Infinite energy/ time bar

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

     00c0Bc14 Infinite energy (turn effect switch to middle position at the end of the round to get
     bonus points)
     00c0B996 Some coins are worth 100

World Class Leaderboard

     00D36200 Score a hole in one every time

Xenon 2


Zaxxon 3-D

     00c0A302 Infinite lives
     00c0AE20 Infinite fuel


     00c14370 Infinite energy


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